Great participation of young designers in both “Discovering Fur Excellence WORKSHOPS”

Attracting a great interest and with more than 50 students participating from various design schools in Greece, the two Discovering Fur Excellence WORKSHOPS were successfully organized during the International Fur Fair “Fur Excellence in Athens 2015” WORKSHOPS were successfully organized during the International Fur Fair “Fur Excellence in Athens 2015”.

With the theme “Let us take a line for a walk”the Professor of Royal College of Art-London and HAF collaborator Mr. Vasilis Kardasis traveled attendees to the world of fur triggering their imagination. Like last year, the seminars were experiential as participants were able not only to see and learn about the fur material but also work with it in the model furriery workshop that wasnear-by, just for this purpose.

Experienced craftsmen presented the manufacturing process of fur garments while helping participants realize their ideas. Participants received their creations and their seminar certificates at the end expressing their deep desire for such initiatives to be repeated in the future as they were overwhelmed by the possibilities to express their creativity through the fur material.

Sponsors of Discovering Fur Excellence WORKSHOPS- FEA 2015

This year the sponsorship of this creative field was undertaken, apart from the TSOP furriery machinery company that has enthusiastically supported this venturesince the first year, by the HellenicFur Federation and Fur Europe, declaring in action their support for the activities of the Hellenic Association of Furriers.

The companies that supported this action offering free machinery, tools and materials, mannequins, leather and other ready-made garments for presentation were the companies – members of HAF: CPL, DTS, EXPOPEL, GLOW, KN Furs, LANGIOTTI and LUXOR.

Quite impressive the first two days of Fur Excellence in Athens- International Fur Fair 2015

Quite impressively was the way the first two days of Fur Excellence in Athens International Fur Fair 2015 ended. On March 24, the spectacular Gala Fur Fashion Show impressed the hundred of attendants.
Participating companies presented their best creations in an environment equally worthy of the image and importance of Hellenic and International Fur Sector. Modern creations, haute-couture items impressed all who watched the Show.
Hellenic Fur Sector was honored by the visit of former prime minister of Greece and president of the political party of New Democracy Mr. Samaras A. as well as the visits of deputy minister of the state Mr Quick T., deputy minister of Agricultural Development Mr. Sgouridis and General Secretary of Trade Mr. Papaderakis. Several other political personalities visited the fair among them the Members of Parliament from the political party of New Democracy Mrs Antoniou and Mr Skrekas and representatives of political parties of SYRIZA, ANEL and PASOK.
Their great satisfaction express the exhibitors, new and old, from the results of these two first days, while equally content are the international visitors of Fur Excellence in Athens, International Fur Fair 2015. The variety of products, new designs and models, attracted the great interest of trade visitors from around the world, since they constitute integrated fashion proposals.

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Winners of the Young Greek Designers’ Contest – FEA 2015 have been announced

The Young Greek Designers’ Contest was completed atthe noon of the second day of the International Fur Fair – Fur Excellence in Athens 2015. The contest is organized annually by the HellenicAssociationof Furriers with the funding of the great sponsor of the fair, NAFA, highlighting the winners that this year were four as two contestants tied in the third place.

This year, as well, 10 of the 127proposed projects that were on display throughout the duration of the fair in a specially designed area were pre-selected by NAFA and made by Hellenic furriers (members of the Hellenic Association of Furriers&FEA exhibitors). The artistic touch of the presentation was the dress worn by a mannequin with the sketches and the inspiration of the 53 participants in the contest amidst garments of the winners of the two previous years.

In the presence of a lot of people, the 5 members of the judging committee delivered their score featuring for the first time among the winners a Kastorian designer who ranked first. The remarkable feature of this year’s competition is the fact that three of the four winners are students of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Thessaloniki – KilkisDepartment (School of Clothing Design and Technology).


1st prize, Michalopoulou Eleftheria from the Thessaloniki TEI -Kilkis Department (School of Clothing Design and Technology), who, inspired by Narcissus, the handsome young man of the Greek mythology, participated with a body hugging dress. The manufacturer of the garment was the company LUXOR of Mr. Michalopoulos Nikolaos, using NAFA black & grey sheared Beaverskins.



2nd prize, Triandafyllopoulos Menelaos, from the School of Fashion, Art and Design PANSIK of Athens, who, inspired by the god of the underworld, Hades, of the Greek mythology, participated with a loose coarse long sweater. The manufacturer of the proposed design was the company KN of Mr. Karanikolas Nikolaos using skins of NAFA (natural Coyote).

In the 3rd place there was a tie between:

Koulouri Athina,from the Thessaloniki TEI– Kilkis Department (School of Clothing Design and Technology) who, inspired by the Furies chasing the culprit participated with a cardigan.The manufacturer of the proposed design was the company LANGIOTTI of Messrs.Makis and TasosLangiotisusing NAFA skins (Pearl sheared Beaver-body, Natural Coyote-sleeves).


Lakas Erlando, from the Thessaloniki TEI– Kilkis Department (School of Clothing Design and Technology) who, inspired by Theseus, participated with a tight jacket that featured the Labyrinth. The manufacturer of the proposed project was the company CPL of Mr. Papageorgiou using skins of NAFA (red & black sheared Beaver).


Both the president of HAF, Mr. Langiotis Makis, and the spokeswoman of the auction department of NAFA Ms. Dianne Benedetti, thanked the companies AVANTI, CPL, KN,LANGIOTTI and LUXOR which manufactured the pieces of the contestants gratis contributing, thus ,to the success and strengthening of the institution. They expressed their strong satisfaction for the positive response of young designers in the competition and pledged to continue and intensify efforts to promote and engage young Greek designers in the fur industry.

“Fur Excellence visiting Kazakhstan” a successful event in Astana.

In Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, at temperatures of 37 degrees below zero, the delegation of Hellenic Association of Furriers continues its activities for the promotion of Hellenic Fur Industry and the 5th FUR EXCELLENCE IN ATHENS – International Fur Fair.

Following Istanbul, the four member delegation went to Astana, Kazakhstan, were the promotional event “Fur Excellence visiting Kazakhstan” took place at MARRIOT” Hotel, on Tuesday, 27th of January, 2015, with great success.

Along with the presentation of FUR EXCELLENCE IN ATHENS – International Fur Fair, through informative print outs and a special promo video, a mini fur show was also organized providing the professionals and press who attended the event, the chance to take a taste of the high quality fur fashion garments that can be found at FEA.

fur excellence visiting Kazakhstan_Astanaimage3_astana

With many of the participants expressing their intention to visit FEA on March 24 to 27 in Athens, a fact that further contributed to the success of the event, the impressions gained by HAF’s delegation from this visit could only be positive.   Astana seems to be a city without any notion of economic crisis and everything operates at a normal rhythm.


Promoting FEA – International Fur Fair, in Turkey

photo agia-sofia_2With a series of visits to major Turkish fur companies in Istanbul, which expressed serious interest for participating at the 5th International Fur Fair “Fur Excellence in Athens”, 24th to 27th March 2015, the multiperson delegation of Hellenic Association of Furriers’ members continues promoting the Greek Fur industry abroad.

Fur Excellence in Athens, visiting Kazakhstan


Hellenic Association of Furriers, the organizer of FUR EXCELLENCE IN ATHENSInternational Fur Fair is going to organize two special events in Kazakhstan for the promotion of Hellenic Fur Industry and the 5th FUR EXCELLENCE IN ATHENS – International Fur Fair.

“Fur Excellence visiting Kazakhstan” events will take place in:

  • Astana, Tuesday, 27th of January, 2015,·
  • Almaty, Thursday, 29th of January, 2015

Along with the presentation of FUR EXCELLENCEIN ATHENS – International Fur Fair,  Fur Garments will be presented in a mini show and a cocktail – buffet will be served.

Astana is the new capital while Almaty remains the largest, most developed, and most ethnically and culturally diverse city in Kazakhstan.

FUR EXCELLENCE IN ATHENSInternational Fur Fair organized each year by Hellenic Association of Furriers, is the European and International Fur Event that can cover all the byer’s needs. It offers the richest range of fur and leather products, hosting all product groups of the industry, exhibiting the newest designs, in the best value for money relation.

The clear message from Fur Auctions worldwide, where FEA is being promoted


Through its representatives Mr. Ditsios Naoum, vice president and Tzimas Konstantine, general secretary, Hellenic Association of Furriers is always present at International Fur Auctions worldwide, for promoting and informing their participants about the International Fur Fair “Fur Excellence in Athens”.

In spite the crisis that marked fur industry worldwide last year (price drop of fur skins, recession conditions in Russia, abrupt ruble devaluation), prices of fur skins moved upwards at recent fur auctions. Demand, mainly from Chinese buyers, was very intense at some points, even though sales in China’s market were limited to 80% of last year’s stock and 80% of this year’s production.

The message that fur skin market is sending, is clearly one of optimism and determination for switching towards new markets, further to Russia.

Everything seems to coincide for the necessity to form a new strategic plan for the development of Greek Fur Industry.



Participation of the HAF and FEA’S 15 Promotion in the International Fur Trade Meeting in Nanjing city, China


Participation of the Hellenic Association of Furriers in the International Fur Trade Meeting in Nanjing city, China

The delegation of the Hellenic Association of Furriers, which attended the “2nd International Fur Trade Meeting” (organised by the Chinese Association of Furriers), representing the Greek fur industry and promoting the international fur fair “Fur Excellence in Athens” returned from Nanjing city in China very satisfied and with the best impressions.

The meeting was held on 11-13 November in Nanjing city, the only city in China with a centuries-old tradition in fur processing, unlike the rest of China, which only discovered fur in recent years. The international meeting was attended by the four major international fur auctioneers: Kopenhagen Fur (Great sponsor of the Meeting), NAFA, American Legend and Finish Fur Sales, as well as by the Hellenic Association of Furriers.

During this big international meeting, the Hellenic Association of Furriers and the Chinese Association of Furriers signed a Memorandum of Collaboration concerning issues of common interest, particularly issues of future trade.

The delegation of the HAF visited certain commercial centres in the area and came in contact with representatives of similar centres in China, the number of which is increasing rapidly in recent years. They examined ways to boost the Greek presence and Greek products in promising markets, such as that of China.

The Hellenic Association of Furriers was represented by its President, Thomas Langiotis, and its Vice-President, Ditsios Naoum, while Mr Dimitris Vlachakis, a HAF member, also participated in the delegation.





Why visit ” Fur Excellence in Athens”

You can always find a reason: Why Visit “Fur Excellence in Athens” – International Fur Fair – in the Crossroad of Fur Markets…
…the place
1. Takes place in Greece, the only fur producing country in Europe on a fixed and accountable date each year, in Athens, the center of the most important International Fur Markets
2. A convenient, easily accessible, exhibition center located next to Athens International Airport.
3. A Contemporary Exhibition Hall equivalent to the prestige of the participating exhibitors, their products and the importance of its visitors.
4. Maintains high organizational standards.

the market…
5. Hosts the most dynamic and prominent Greek Fur Brands and manufacturing companies.
6. Displays a wide variety of luxurious, fashionable fur creations of top quality, excellent craftsmanship, impressive design and inspiration.
7. Welcomes targeted fur trade visitors & buyers
8. Offers the best value for money deals!

…and more!
9. Supported by the most well known Fur Auction Houses of the world.
10. Presents impressive parallel events of high commercial status and unique occurrence such as fur gala, sponsor’s special events and fur workshop
11. Stimulates your fantasy, enriches your knowledge.
12. Combines business with pleasure, as Athens presents visitors with a multitude of choices for recreational and cultural outings at great historic monuments, famous museums while enjoying exceptional Mediterranean cuisine, a vibrant nightlife and shopping.

“Fur Excellence in Athens” – the meeting point of international fur industry for the most profitable businesses!

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